Spa Debuts in Prague

Getting Comfortable: [ comfort zone ] Spa Debuts in Prague

Industry experts from Kline’s European team,  Ewa Grigar and Pierrick Dutton,  recently attended the launch of [ comfort zone ]’s new spa,located in the five-star Boscolo hotel in Prague, where its latest skin care line, SKIN REGIMEN, was introduced.  [ comfort zone ] is the cosmetics division of Davines S.p.a, an Italian firm founded in 1982 by the Bolatti family.

At the debut, founder Dr. Davide Bollati, presented threats that face health and beauty conscious consumers. He recommended ways to combat the effects of aging, such as being aware of the environment, limiting sun exposure, controlling stress, adopting a daily exercise regimen, healthy nutrition (including limiting sugar intake), and optional dietary supplements. He asserted that these are all vital in maintaining a healthy, youthful glow. Being aware is only one part of the anti-aging battle, he continued, but opting-in to an active, healthy lifestyle to limit the effects of aging is essential.

The new spa in the Boscolo hotel has three treatment rooms and exclusively uses [ comfort zone ] products. The spa is managed by the hotel, but [ comfort zone ] provides specialized training for the staff. [ comfort zone ] entered the Czech market in 2006 and currently has 40 facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, composed primarily of hotel and resort spas.  Over the next five years, the brand plans to expand distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, particularly in four and five star hotels and resorts, and intends to double its number of establishments by 2015. In the Czech Republic, the brand’s products are distributed by Aviatrix s.r.o.

Its new SKIN REGIMEN anti-aging line includes a range face care products and nutritional supplements, aging signs and is distributed only through professional channels. Products are also available in retail and professional use sizes. By 2014, the brand intends to add a range of result-oriented body care products targeting conditions such as cellulite. Nutritional supplements are also a key area of new product development in which the brand is looking to explore further.

To learn more about Comfort Zone and other professional skin care brands, check out Kline’s Professional Skin Care 2012 Global Series .

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