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Globetrotting Beauty Boutiques

Contributions by Alyssa Behrndt, Marina Drobnjak, Agnieszka Saintemarie, and Shivani Singh

One of the most dynamic sets of players within the beauty landscape is single-brand retailers. Having greater flexibility over the store environment compared to brands in a multi-brand setting, these retailers continually refresh their in-store experience with new offerings and promotions. Kline’s global research team took to the streets to get a pulse on the latest happenings.

In France, Yves Rocher is one of the most dominant players with nearly 700 doors. Signage at its flagship store, located on the prestigious Champs-Élysées, celebrates its 60-year anniversary. In Prague, its “My Green Summer” line was prominently featured.

After launching full swing in Asia in 2018, the “Kiehl’s Loves” global campaign has extended to Prague with a collection of products and signage to honor this happening European city. The initiative celebrates countries and cities served by Kiehl’s worldwide with limited-edited packaging and various events.

The Innisfree store in India features its “Eco-Hankies” campaign along with a virtual reality display that enables shoppers to “experience the wonders of Jeju Island.”

MAC locations in both New York and New Jersey boosted their Pride Month campaigns via a dedicated “MAC Loves Pride” collection, in-store signage, and sales associates wearing rainbow tie dye shirts. Its “Aladdin” collection was spotted in New York, Prague, and India.

Much of the activity at Rituals centered around its new foaming shower gel, available in many scents. In the United States, the gel was offered at a $5 promotional price. In Prague, the brand’s new Ritual of Chado collection was featured.

At Lush, shampoo bars were on full display near the sink station where consumers are encouraged to touch and play with this travel-friendly format. In Prague, Lush had several limited-edition sets available for Father’s Day.

These and many more channel dynamics will be captured in Kline’s new service, Beauty Retail Navigator, which will regularly monitor and publish content for a set of specified retailers. Content will include a written global assessment for each retailer, a map interface of every store geolocation, and a collection of images of store interiors and exteriors. Contact us to learn more.

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