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Hair Color Trends Transforming Sales in 2015

Fire, mermaid, and pastel balayage are among the coolest hair trends this year, and Kline can support the wide application of products to achieve these trends with market data coming straight out of U.S. salons.

From Katy Perry-inspired pastel rainbow hair to Kelly Osborne-styled lavender hues, colorful hair isn’t just for punk rockers anymore, and lots of women and men alike are ditching natural colors for another level of chic. They shadow roots with violet, teal, and pink, alternate coloring the ends with white, teal, and blue, creating a desired mermaid-like look. What’s more, there aren’t only mermaids out there now.

Another trend that is seriously hot these days is mixing yellow, orange, and red to create a gradual, flame effect. According to our data, red have shown steady growth over the last year, up 6.3% in Q1 2015 versus the same period year ago. A slightly softer appearance with pastel colors gives any woman a feminine vibe.

To prove these trends are true, Kline PRO’s Q1 2015 data shows that brights are up 48.4% vs. Q1 2014. While the segment has eight consecutive quarters of growth, Q4 2014 seems to be the inauguration of it all, with Darnell Wold’s explosive moment when he discovered that his luscious creation of sapphire, indigo, and amethyst ombré hues took first place in the Joico Intensity Haute Hues Instagram Contest!

Data shows that Joico KPak Color Intensity Brights are leading the way with sales soaring 208% in Q1 2015 versus the same period year ago. Other brands with intense shades are also doing great. Goldwell Elumen is up +51 in Q1 2015 versus the same period year ago —driven by the fashion shades. Kenra also splashed on the scene in Q1 of this year with its brights segment, which is among the top 10 sub-brands with a 2.7% share.

The fastest growing brands in the brights segment, according to Kline PRO


Pick up on trends ahead with Kline PRO—a first-class service that enables users to access the latest sales performance data on the U.S. professional hair care market based on hard, transactional data collected from a panel of thousands of independent and chain salons. For a global perspective, refer to Salon Hair Care Global Series—a 360-degree analysis of this hard-to-track market focusing on its size and growth, key changes, challenges, and business opportunities in all key regions.

Written by Vera Sandarova, Marketing Manager Kline

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