`Salon Hair Care Global Series

Hair Treatments and Scalp Care Products Driving Growth in the Global Salon Hair Care Market

Newly released data from Kline’s Salon Hair Care Global Series shows that 2014 has been another good year for the global salon hair care market with almost 3% growth. For the first time in three years, Europe shows a positive sales performance. Although Spain and Italy are still lagging behind, Eastern European markets, such as Russia or Turkey, experience double-digit growth, boosting the entire region.

Conditioners is by far the fastest growing category globally, due to a surge in treatment product sales. Feeding the upward growth is a completely new breed of bond multiplier products sparked by the launch of Olaplex. This product can be used as an add-on during a coloring service to reduce breakage or as a standalone treatment to repair and condition the hair and has already generated several copycats.

In this edition of Salon Hair Care Global Series, we also take a closer look at the trending segment of scalp care products. This product type is definitely another factor fuelling growth in the shampoos and conditioners category. Rising consumer concerns about scalp health, in particular issues related to hair thinning, hair loss, and also dandruff and sensitive scalp, are reflected in increased in-salon services targeting these problems, as well as new product launches by many salon hair care marketers.

Driven by fashion trends, an aging population, and successful product launches, hair coloring products are also outpacing the total market. Hair coloring products targeting aging hair, such as the Materia G line from the Japanese brand Lebel, appeal to older consumers, while fashionable colors such as pastels, offered by Londa’s inkFX, capture sales from the younger population.

On the distribution side, the blow dry bar trend continues andis becoming more visible in other countries, not just in the United States or United Kingdom. The blow dry bar concept has been on the North American market for years, but the last two years or so have seen the opening of many new doors from chain salons, such as Blowpro or Drybar. Affordable service pricing, accessibility, and long opening hours make this concept popular, especially in large cities around the globe.

L’Oréal continues to be the unquestionable leader in the industry with roughly one-fourth of global industry sales. However, as of late, all eyes are on the #2 player – Procter & Gamble, who announced earlier this year its willingness to sell its professional brands. Procter & Gamble’s professional hair care brand portfolio includes Wella, its largest brand and the leader in the global hair coloring products category, as well as smaller brands, such as styling-focused Sebastian, Clairol Professional, a lower-end brand focused on hair coloring, and Nioxin, the scalp care segment leader. The acquisition of TSG’s professional brands by Henkel has also drawn a lot of attention to this marketer.

The performance of Henkel’s brands, Procter & Gamble’s brands, and other important players on the market is fully tracked in our upcoming Salon Hair Care Global Series, comprised of 21 in-depth reports and an online interactive database that can be customized and exported according to your needs. The 2014 data pertaining to the report has been released in Kline’s interactive online database, followed by the written reports very soon.

By Agnieszka Saintemarie, Project Manager Kline’s Consumer Products Practice

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