Hispanics and Asian Americans Have High Prosperity for Shopping Online

Hispanics and Asian Americans Have High Propensity for Shopping Online

Increasingly, Americans are opening up to the idea of shopping for personal care products online. The most preferred products purchased online are fragrances, face makeup, eye makeup, and face creams.

Hispanics and Asians are two of the fastest-growing population segments in the United States. More significantly, both groups show strong inclination for online shopping, mostly due to the lower average age of these populations. More than 80% among both groups use the Internet. However, Asian Americans prefer to shop online more frequently than Hispanics.

Almost one-third of Hispanics and Asian Americans use the Internet on their mobile phones regularly. Almost one-half of Hispanics and Asian Americans look online for coupons or samples for cosmetics and toiletries. To a large extent, both groups look for value for money, making mass channels like mass merchandisers and food stores popular destinations for shopping.

Asian Americans have the highest Internet usage penetration among all races in the United States. Asian Americans are the leading buyers on the Internet compared to the other races. Among personal care products, face creams are highly sought-after products on the Internet for the Asian market segment. Asian Americans are considered to be more technology savvy and often use the Internet to make decisions, which makes them the leading online shoppers. The younger Asian population seeks products for general skin care product and hair care products, while the older population has demands for specific need-based products.

Hispanics shop more online for cosmetics and toiletries than do non-Hispanics. In particular, Hispanic women have a much higher incidence of buying makeup and perfume or cologne online than do non-Hispanics, Over 24% of Hispanics have purchased eye makeup online, as compared to 17% of non-Hispanics.  Hispanics also use the Internet more frequently to find beauty tips or advice online.

For more information see Kline’s Asians in the United States: Influences on Consumer Products Consumption Outlook to 2020 and Hispanics in the United States: Influences on Consumer Products Consumption, Outlook to 2020.

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