Beauty Patterns

Beauty Patterns

The industry’s first large-scale primary research solution to help you understand consumers’ holistic approach to beauty routines over time. Discover what drives certain behaviors and how daily routine looks like to stay ahead of evolving needs in the U.S. beauty industry.
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Longitudinal Analysis

Monitor year-over-year changes in consumers’ beauty routines, and uncover the key factors influencing their behaviors, such as emerging trends and product preferences. Our methodology ensures that a robust collection of behaviorally anchored questions are designed to be fielded repeatedly, allowing for insightful comparisons and trend analysis.
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Holistic Insights

Get the most complete view of consumers’ beauty routines both in and out of home. Explore their share of focus across major beauty categories, including hair care, skin care, makeup, and fine fragrances. Learn how product usage varies throughout the day, as well as the role beauty devices, hair tools, and hair appliances play in daily routines.

Depth and Breadth

Surveying thousands of Americans, including people across all genders aged 14 to 74, we provide enough representation to reveal nuances in behaviors and attitudinal profiles across generations. Find out how beauty patterns differ by life stage or income, and whether certain groups have a propensity to buy specific types of products or services.
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