Biocides: An Industry in Preservation or
Active Development? 

How are Regulations, COVID-19, Green Alternatives, M&A activities and more shaping the industry

This webinar, hosted by the Kline's industry experts, Hardeep Parmar, Felicia Chen, and Narendar Raju, aims to provide a high-level overview of developments influencing the biocides industry, from regulations and the impact of COVID-19 to green alternatives and M&A activities, including the anticipated divestment of IFF’s anti-microbial business. ​​​​​​Register to learn about key market figures, the latest trends, and the market outlook for this rapidly evolving market.

LIVE WEBINAR 2 - May 20, 2021

Specialty Biocides: Insight into the Changing Market Dynamics

This presentation will help you understand the key current trends and developments in the major end-use applications driving the global biocides market and how they will change the industry within five years. The information for this webinar is sourced from the upcoming Specialty Biocides: Regional Market Analysis and Opportunities report.