Professional Nail Care

Hybrid Products and Treatments Nailed it Again

The global professional nail care market continues to enjoy another year of dynamic growth of over 5%, on par with 2015’s market growth. Nail enhancements, our newest addition to the recently published edition of our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report, represents approximately 10% of this market, witnessing an uptick in sales, mainly driven by the comeback of the dipping powder systems. Several new entrants abound this category, such as Tammy Taylor Prizmatic Powder Coat Nail System, Kiara Sky Dip System, Kiara Sky Dip System, and Entity Dip & Buff System towards the end of 2016.

Long-wear nail polishes, also called hybrid nail polishes, continue to be a major trend and driver, with the category more than doubling its size in 2016. However, the popularity of long-wear nail polishes has a negative aspect too, which results in the cannibalization of sales of nail polishes and gels, as consumers are increasingly beginning to prefer long-wear nail polishes over nail polishes and gels.

The demand for healthier nail care formulations is also on the rise, resulting in the introduction of multi-functional products that, besides being a lacquer, also help improve the health of the nails. Some of these multi-functional products include the Orly Breathable Treatment + Color, Alessandro International CC Polish, and Kiara Sky Dip System.

Nail treatment systems, comprising two- and three-step systems are an up-and-coming trend with the likes of new systems, such as OPI Gel Break and Essie Treat Love & Care, entering the market in late 2016 and early 2017.

Just like in the professional skin care market, diversion continues to be a big challenge for established marketers in the professional channel, as well as an inhibitor of further growth. The growing availability of known professional nail care products in the retail channel has an unfavorable effect over sales in the professional channel. Moreover, the increasing gray market for professional nail care products also hampers growth in the professional channel.

As for the near future, the return of nail dipping powders present a good opportunity for marketers to innovate with more hygienic nail dipping powder systems. On the other hand, the fad for long-wear nail polishes is expected to die down. More about the future of this market, along with growth drivers, various category sales and drivers, and insights on the fastest growing regions and brands, are revealed in our just-published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief report. This analysis investigates all the ins and outs of this hard-to-track market for nail polishes, gels, care products, long-wear nail polishes, and nail enhancements sold and used in nail salons.

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