motor oil market outlook


The global passenger car motor oil (PCMO) market is on the cusp of significant change due to many emerging technologies. The growth in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles has the potential to reduce the consumption of PCMO. As ride sharing becomes more widespread, reliable, and economical, future vehicle owners may decide to forego vehicle ownership. The breakthrough of technological disruptors will result in a realignment of the market’s structure, with implications across the PCMO value chain. Autonomous vehicles still have a long way to go in terms of everyday use, but they may eventually find use in select applications, thereby impacting PCMO consumption.

This infographic is looking at:

  • Positive and negative factors will affect the pace of the transition to electric mobility.
  • EV penetration ( which is assessed through three scenarios (High, Medium, Low) for each country market, as it presents the highest uncertainty. Four PCMO demand models we assess the contribution of the most important factors (vehicle population growth, sump size, drain intervals changes, EV penetration) for each scenario.​ Includes BEV, PHEV, and HEV​)
  • Long-term impact on PCMO
  • Key takeaways ( PCMO demand volumes, PCMO value, countries with highest and lowest penetration)


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