Inside the Consumers' Minds

Inside the Consumers’ Minds

For cosmetics and toiletries marketers who want to know how the tides of consumer sentiment are shifting over a period of time—for example, what products are they thinking of buying, which grooming needs are unmet, and what recent purchases are they happy with—Kline’s new Consumer Mindset Mapping service is the answer. Tracking consumers’ opinions quarterly in both China and the United States, this program utilizes state-of-the-art technology and methods for understanding subtle nuances of the effects of constant influences on human decision-making. If marketers want to stay on top of their game, they need to listen to consumers to understand why some brands succeed or lag behind and where to invest for the future in terms of research and development, as well as marketing. However, it is not only about listening, as marketers need to understand why consumers make the choices they do.  

Kline Consumer Mindset Mapping: Attitude Tracking Service for Cosmetics and Toiletries Usage – A series of quarterly delivered, mini-reports that probe the changing attitudes and behaviors of men and women regarding beauty and grooming products in China and the United States. This research will help marketers understand how influences and attitudes are changing over time, with timely deliverables heavy on graphics to show the evolving consumer mindsets in these two unique cultures.

Kline is creating a diverse body of knowledge related to what people think. Already well known for alternate channel research (specialty stores, direct channels, etc.), Kline also has a portfolio of studies with consumer insights and professional insights, such as:

Inside the Minds of Natural Consumers: Consumer Insights of Natural Personal Care and Natural Household Cleaning Products – With terms like “natural” and “organic” being used on so many consumer products sold across all channels, it is important for manufacturers to understand what consumers think about the labels and concepts behind them.

How America Shops  – A series of report in collaboration with WSL/Strategic Retail provide unique insight on the specifics of American consumers. Reports such as How America Shops, Insights & Actionable Analysis of Shoppers in Key Lifestyles, Megatrends, Where Did the Walmart Shopper Go?, etc., provide deep understanding of shopper, shoppers’ trend, and shoppers’ demographics within specific markets.

OTC Consumer/Shopper Insights – Consists of pertinent and actionable data collected online from over 300 consumers during winter 2012. As part of this research, consumers were asked a series of questions on their OTC drug retail preferences, FSAs, reactions to branded OTC recalls, Rx-to-OTC switches, and online purchase behaviors for OTC drugs.

Male Grooming Products: Global Market Brief Consumer Research – Surveying over 1,500 men in four languages across six countries, this report explores and compares the responses that encompass what categories, products, and brands men use regularly, where they shop for such products, and attitudes about grooming and shopping.

See more Consumer & Shopper Insights reports HERE.

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