Pet Care Ingredients Market

Interview With Industry Experts: the Potential of the Pet Care Ingredients Market

Did you know that the market for pet care ingredients grows faster than the personal care market? Kline’s Chemicals & Materials industry experts reveal key drivers behind this trend and why it is important to keep an eye on this highly promising segment.


How do you define pet care ingredients?

These are all the major ingredients used in pet grooming product formulations, both for home and professional use. In our new Pet Care Ingredients: Regional Market Analysis report, ingredients from seven groups will be covered: antimicrobials, conditioning polymers, emollients, emulsifiers, fragrances, rheology control agents, and surfactants. Their consumption will be analyzed within major end-use applications, such as shampoos, wipes, sprays, powders, and others.

What are the primary trends influencing the pet care ingredients market’s strong growth?

The pet population is growing in Western countries, linked to changes in demographics, especially with baby boomers growing older and increasingly adopting pets. Baby boomers is the first generation for whom owning an animal became a normal practice. Now child-free or single parents see animals as an important part of their lives. The growing disposable income of this part of the population allows them to provide premium care for their companion animals. Millennials, in turn, delay marriage and/or parenthood and opt for owning animals instead of having kids, as it is seen to be more convenient and less expensive.

What are the fastest growing regional markets?

The growing number of pet adoptions, as well as higher investment in the well-being of pets, is taking place in the developed economies of the United States and Western Europe. Higher disposable incomes, the accessibility of pet grooming products in specialized stores and boutiques, and door-to-door delivery offered by many online stores simplifies the purchasing process of pet care products, which is mechanically tied to the fast growth of the specialty ingredients used in pet grooming products. In these countries, pet salons are also developing rapidly, resulting in an important channel for pet care products, which helps to increase demand for these ingredients.

Tell us more about the upcoming Pet Care Ingredients: Regional Market Analysis report.

We designed this report to help our subscribers to evaluate market opportunities and challenges in this relatively new, but rapidly growing market segment. It will provide sales of ingredients by category and pet type, competitive landscape of the suppliers which are already active on this market, and include a market forecast through 2022, taking into consideration various scenarios of the market’s development.

We designed this report to be used as a basis for any strategic decisions for ingredients suppliers looking at entering this market or strengthening their position in it.
If you have any questions about the contents or pricing options for this new report, please contact our team.


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