Global Lubricant Basestocks: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Join Kline at the 4th Asia Base Oil and Lubricants Conference

Join Kline at the 4th Asia Base Oil and Lubricants conference where Kline’s Industry Manager Milind Phadke will be speaking on the topic of the Outlook for Lubricant Basestocks, market trends in the post recession world on Tuesday, June 8, 10.15 am.

Also join more than 200 of the industry peers at the conference next week on Tuesday 8th – Wednesday 9th June 2010 in Seoul including: producers, additive companies, blending companies, customers, re-refiners and industry consultant and learn about the future for Group, I, II & III in the region and worldwide

The global lubricants industry is recovering, and Kline projects that global consumption will return to 2007 levels around 2012. However, the patterns of consumption are changing significantly due to the recent recession. Particularly, the recession has accelerated the shift in lubricant consumption from North America and Europe to Asia. The emerging structure of the global market will pose a number of challenges to those in the lubricant, base stock and additive industries.

Group I, II, and III basestocks were on divergent paths before the recession. And the recession has accelerated the divergence…

Group I basestocks are in a long term decline primarily due to technical obsolescence for automotive applications. Group II have penetrated automotive formulations and are now trying to oust Group I from industrial applications. Group III growth has temporarily stalled because of the recession. Going forward, Group III marketers will have to focus on emerging demand in China and India, as Europe and North America, will languish for some time to come.

In his presentation Milind will talk about PCMO, HDMO and Industrial products formulation trends. He will also discuss how various lubricant basestock product categories are competing for market position and will provide Kline’s assessment of the present and future Supply-Demand trends in this industry.

If you wish to meet with Milind after the presentation to speak about the findings he is to present, discuss any of the reports from the Kline’s extensive energy portfolio or receive the presentation please contact

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