Natural and organic personal care products

Key Lesson #5 – Natural and organic personal care products are gaining ground in all of the BRICs.

Natural personal care remains a booming segment of the global personal care industry. During the economic crisis, natural personal care has sustained double-digit growth even in the bleak U.S. and Western European markets.

Growth in naturals has been even more spectacular in the BRICs. As in the rest of the world, consumers in each of these markets have found themselves gravitating towards natural products and ingredients. Each BRIC country has its own unique spin on the natural trend helping to bolster this movement: Brazil with its biodiversity and rainforest connection, Russia’s emphasis on Siberian earth minerals, India with Ayurvedic principles, and China’s heritage of herbal medicine.

It’s clear that natural personal care plays a key role in the history of the cosmetics and toiletries market in the BRIC countries and will continue to be a driver in the future.

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