Key Lesson #7 – As retailers pave the way into these markets, it will be easier for marketers to follow.

Around the world and especially in the BRICs, we are seeing leading retailers expand beyond their domestic markets. As retailers gain penetration, it will provide a means of entry for marketers of personal care products, especially in countries like India where independent kirana shops currently rule the roost.

Part of an international expansion strategy can start at home. Marketers should look to their retail partners to understand where they are going, and how they can go there with them. They should also look to see which retailers may have expansion plans into the countries where they want to do business, and see if they can align efforts.

Final thoughts

Clearly there are a lot of commonalities among the BRIC countries, but as much as they have in common, there is an equal number of things that set them apart. It is easy to cluster these markets together and treat them as one, but firms that wish to be successful in any BRIC market must truly understand the nuances that make each market tick.

Kline has an on-the-ground presence in these and many countries around the world. Our Beauty Retailing report series provides a deep analysis into the channels of distribution of each market. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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