Beauty Retailing USA: Alternate Channel Monitor

Kline Continues to Monitor the Changing Face of Beauty Retailing With an Enhanced Service

The recently published inaugural edition of Beauty Retailing USA: Alternate Channel Monitor covering the period from January 2014 to June 2014 finds that consumer purchasing from social media is finally becoming more of a reality. This use of beacon technology is increasing in specialty stores, and lipsticks are selling nearly as much as skin care products through mobile technologies. This service will be updated every six months to provide marketers with the regular insights and dynamics on the ever-evolving alternate channels like direct sales and specialty stores.

Highlights of this new service include:

  • Consumers are relatively channel agnostic; in order to stay relevant, marketers and retailers must constantly adjust their retail strategies to embrace new devices.
  • Changes in beauty retailing are happening fast, necessitating adjusting, readjusting, innovating, and adapting to the constant flux of the marketplace.
  • Physical brick-and-mortar stores are not going away.
  • Mobile shopping, using devices such as smartphones and tablets, is transforming the whole shopping experience.
  • Apparel and vertically-integrated specialty stores are increasingly competing in the beauty business.
  • Use of beacon technology is increasing in specialty stores that help alert consumers via their smartphones to special offers/prices and information when they are in the store.

The new Beauty Retailing USA: Alternate Channel Monitor will help you quantify the sales and growth of the direct sales and specialty store channels on a semi-annual basis. Additionally, it heightens readers’ understanding of the various nuances such as shifts and dynamics in the various direct sales and specialty store sub-channels which include: person-to-person, television, the Internet, vertically integrated specialty stores, apparel stores, and specialty multi-brand stores. Moreover, within each subchannel, growth can be monitored in the diverse product categories that constitute fragrance, hair care, makeup, and skin care.

Honing in on all channels of beauty retailing is Kline’s biannual Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities report, now in its 11th edition. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the complex environment for retailing cosmetics and toiletries in the United States. With detailed channel and retailer profiles, this insightful study will provide a clear view of the challenging and ever-changing retail landscape specific to beauty and personal care products.

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