New Talent for Lubricants Industry

Kline Executives Participate in ABN Resource Panel to Help Attract a Younger Generation to the Lubricants Industry

The lubricants industry, while facing many challenges, is at the same time dramatically changing by embracing new technologies and digital innovation, as well as joining the fight against climate change. Without addressing current issues and environmental concerns, the industry risks the ability to attract talent.

At the same time, younger generations often view the lubricants industry as declining, rather than being an innovative and technologically advanced sector in which to build a future. For that reason, ABN Resource, the industry’s recruitment specialist, has launched an initiative to educate young people about the numerous career opportunities within the industry.

In the latest episode of the ABN Resource Podcast, “How to Build a Passion for the Lubricants Industry,” James Moorhouse, Director of ABN Resource, assembled a panel of four Kline executives to dispel some of the common misconceptions regarding the potential offered by this hundred-billion-dollar industry.

“This is an industry of real people, solving real problems,” said Yana Wilkinson, Vice President, Energy, at Kline. The lubricants industry offers a wide range of roles, along with the possibility of incorporating a variety of professions, interests, and personalities. This offers young people tremendous opportunities for professional development and successful careers.

Kline experts agreed that the industry must do a better job of communicating the contribution it makes to the daily lives of people. Lubricants are used in everything across a multitude of sectors. “From industrial, to consumer, to retail, this variety is what keeps the industry exciting, as we are always dealing with many different applications,” states Annie Jarquin, Director, Business Development.

Moreover, with consumers now interested in what big oil companies do, the dialog is no longer B2B. Consequently, the industry needs to begin communicating directly to consumers.

The lubricants industry is also appealing because of the innovation and novelty it offers. “You read about electric vehicles and space exploration, and we say, ‘we’re doing that! We’re going to be part of that thing.’ Then you think that’s going to change the future of our children, the future of our grandchildren,” said Sabrina Craciun, Manager, Business Development, at Kline. “I think it’s a great industry and that more people should join. Not just because you work with professionals, but because you can be part of a greater thing.”

Tune in to ABN Resource’s inspiring podcast HERE. It can be accessed on Apple Podcasts and Google Play.

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