Skin Care Market Analysis and the Shopper’s Perspective

Kline Partners with WSL/Strategic Retail to Deliver In-depth Skin Care Market Analysis and the Shopper’s Perspective

To help companies understand every facet of the U.S. skin care market and its channels and shoppers, Kline is joining forces with WSL/Strategic Retail, a global retail strategy and shopper insights specialist headed by Wendy Liebmann, CEO and Chief Shopper and Candace Corlett, President. WSL/SR is highly respected for helping its clients build innovative retail strategies that drive shoppers to stores. WSL/SR has been delivering shopper insights to manufacturers and retailers for over a quarter of a century. Together, Kline and WSL have created a new report called Beauty View: Skin Care, which marries 50 years of Kline’s best-in-class market and competitive intelligence with WSL/SR’s perceptive shopper insights.

Enriched with revealing shopper insights accented throughout the study, this revolutionary report has a chapter on each major aspect of the skin care industry: the market, the channels, and the shopper. The “Understanding the Market” chapter  will contain actionable information concerning market performance, segmentation, and trends for the  comprehensive skin care market spanning anti-aging, acne, devices, natural products, and professional skin care. The complementary “Understanding the Channels” chapter dissects the industry’s channels, formats, and merchandising trends, as well as shopper insights relating to channel loyalty and decision factors. The highly practical “Understanding the Shopper” chapter will disclose how women prioritize skin care in their personal care routine and the role of various aspects of skin care including health and wellness, natural and organic, discounts and promotions, and the Internet. The report culminates with an Executive Summary highlighting key lessons learned and an actionable future outlook.

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