A Close Look at the Personal Care Market

Kline’s HBA session “A Close Look at the Personal Care Market”.

Last Thursday I had the privilege of speaking at a session at the HBA called “A Close Look at the Personal Care Market”.

I kicked off the session by sharing some highlights and data from our recently-published market research studies. I focused on the latest trends and developments which have helped the industry to recently rebound. Along the way I reviewed the hottest categories and brands, competitive landscape, channel shifts, and future outlook. My presentation can be found by clicking here.

Two different product development specialists followed me—one from a leading personal care manufacturer, Jennifer Giannotti-Genes from Colgate-Palmolive, and one from a smaller branding agency, Kelly Kovack of Purpose-Built.  It was interesting to hear their contrasting points of views and unique challenges they each face while tackling similar challenges. They each stressed the importance of not redesigning for the sake of design, having the courage to stand behind your ideas, and being true to your brand.

Russ Napolitano from Wallace Church moderated the session and added insights from a branding strategy point of view along the way.

The audience members walked away with a better understanding of the industry dynamics and issues they should take into consideration as they look to develop their own brands and businesses.

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