Kline’s Top Chemicals Content of 2022

The effects of COVID-19 continued to shift the chemicals & materials industry, with some markets benefiting from the pandemic and others still taking hits. We reported on those developments — in addition to conducting our market research reports and consulting projects via an array of content in 2022. Here’s the most popular: 

Ingredients in I&I Cleaning: Finding the Formula for Robust Growth in Four Key Markets

The ease of travel restrictions is triggering the reactivation of activities within the HoReCa cleaning segment, which is growing the fastest in Europe and the United States. Higher hotel occupancy rates are also expected to positively impact growth in other segments, such as commercial laundry. What ingredients are in high demand, and which are the current leading suppliers? Watch webinar 

What’s Next? Global Personal Care Ingredients Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era 

The overall demand for personal care ingredientsexperienced ups and downs last year as the impact of the pandemic on the global industry became clear. Some segments fared better than others, including color cosmetics and hair styling, paving a path forward for a global recovery amid the ongoing crisis. Discover the current state of the personal care ingredients market globally, which natural ingredients are reshaping the market, and much more.  Watch webinar 

Personal Care Ingredients: How Supply Chain Disruptions and Clean Beauty Are Affecting the U.S. Market 

Supply chain disruptions are still affecting markets in America – and they’re trickling down to cause issues in the personal care ingredients industry. Some of the issues: maritime containers and sea transport. Read blog 

Here’s Why Excipient Prices Have Skyrocketed Around the World

A slew of factors caused global prices of pharmaceutical excipients to soar from 2019 and 2021 – with some jumping by a whopping 40%. Reasons include supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic, raw material shortages, a bottleneck in the global energy supply caused a surge in electricity and natural gas costs in many parts of the world, and more. Read blog

Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Excipients in the Next Five Years

The global prices of pharmaceutical excipients soared in 2021 compared to 2019, with a whopping 40%. What does this mean for the future of excipients? Will prices continue to climb? 
Watch webinar 

Global Empty Hard Capsules Market 

The global market of empty hard capsules witnessed strong growth in 2020 over the previous year but faced the impact of COVID-19. While demand in pharmaceuticals grew slowly as most people avoided visiting doctors, it surged in nutrition with the skyrocketing market of immunity boosters. Get fact sheet


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