Lash Enhancers

Lash Enhancers Take Beauty by Storm

Lash extensions and eyelash enhancers have become the latest trend in beauty in recent years as women opt for an alternative to makeup and move towards effortless beauty. Lash services thrive in 2017, and according to our Kline PRO, the number of professional eyelash services performed are up 14%, as well as up 15% in revenue, through second quarter 2017 versus the same period the prior year, with an average price point of $70.00.

Amazing Lash Studio, a leading lash service franchise located across 28 states with a heavy concentration in Texas, expands quickly in 2017. Since its opening in 2010, the company has expanded to 170 locations in the United States with plans to open more than 130 sites in the near future. A number of small, independent studios also pop up throughout the year, some with multiple locations across a state or region to meet the growing number of consumers seeking lash extension services.

To help entice interested consumers, lash studios benefit from introductory offers, which is exactly what influenced me to pursue a lash extension experience. Last month, I decided to visit a lash studio in my local area to learn more about this service and get my first set of lashes. I was able to completely create my own look with different options for style, thickness, length, and curl. Personalization is a huge trend in the beauty market today, and having the ability to customize your lash extensions certainly contributes to this market’s success.

The theme of effortless beauty continues through lash enhancement products for both eyelashes and the brow. Available for take-home purchase through retail stores and professional outlets, these consumable products shine bright as consumers gravitate towards topical serums to help with the growth and regrowth of hair for longer lashes and fuller brows. Grande Cosmetics, LashFood, RevitaLash, and Rodan + Fields are among the numerous marketers offering products in this space, and it is expected that additional beauty brands will expand their offerings to include such products as this trend develops.

The first edition of our Lash Enhanced Products and Services: U.S. Market Brief will explore this fast-moving market and identify the opportunities and challenges for the beauty manufacturers in the space and future entrants. Covering lash and brow growth accelerator products and serums, eyelash enhancers, and lash extension services, this report will highlight the emerging trends, market drivers, and best positioned companies to take advantage of the developing market opportunities moving forward.

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