Men Have Preferences, but They Differ Across the Globe

Men Have Preferences, but They Differ Across the Globe

When questioning what skin care concerns men have, a recent study has revealed that men in the United Kingdom have relatively very few skin care concerns whereas Chinese men have the most. The major skin care concerns among men in the United States are acne/blemishes, while the highest skin care concern of men in Germany are dry patches and wrinkles.

Kline’s latest edition of male grooming research contains a bonus consumer research section examining the usage of male grooming products in Asia, North America, Europe, and South America. In a six-country, four-language survey, the report compares and contrasts the responses on the global male grooming market and men’s usage patterns, shopping channels, brands preferred, and attitudes about grooming.

For example, it was found that 42% of all the men surveyed used face wash and 38% used facial moisturizer. Brazilian men are the highest users of skin care products. Some of the popular products that Brazilian men utilize are facial sunscreen (56% of them say they use it regularly) and face scrubs.

For more information, see Male Grooming Products: Global Market Brief.

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