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While the fundamental decisions of what to make, where to make, and how to make prevail, the complexity of those decisions have reached new heights. Kline’s manufacturing and engineering experts help improve your manufacturing operation via our research skills, proprietary tools, and benchmarking capabilities. We develop expert and data driven insights to help with product, technology, and manufacturing asset choices, by informing and guiding your options/option selection. Our services:

  • Competitive manufacturing cost benchmarking
  • Operational effectiveness/cost reduction
  • End-to-end supply chain analysis
  • Supply chain strategy

Our Experience

Examples of our consulting assignments are provided below and organized by industry sector. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.


  • Methanol derivatives: market and manufacturing cost assessment
  • Zinc oxide UV filters: manufacturing cost benchmarking
  • Personal care emollients: cost curves
  • Glass substrates: margin analysis
  • Thermoplastic resin components: manufacturing cost assessment and plant analysis

Auto / Lubricants / Energy

  • Automotive grade urea: strategic sourcing options
  • Automotive ceramics: competitive manufacturing assessment
  • Hydrocracking catalysts: cost teardown analysis
  • Reforming and isomerization technologies and catalysts: competitive manufacturing assessment
  • Midstream segment oil and gas industry: demand analysis and cost competitiveness


  • Nasal allergy spray: competitive cost assessment
  • Vision care: competitive R&D spend and total product cost
  • Contact lens: competitive manufacturing cost assessment
  • Insulin pump: manufacturing cost assessment
  • Viscosurgical device: global capacity assessment

Food & Nutrition / Other Consumer

  • Keto dietary supplements: ingredient, manufacturing cost analysis
  • Phytosterols: market entry and manufacturing cost assessment
  • European pectin producers: competitive manufacturing cost assessment
  • Mouthwash/consumer oral care: competitive manufacturing cost assessment
  • Lithium-ion batteries: competitive manufacturing cost assessment

Featured Insight

PE Wax Market Amid the COVID-19 Turmoil, and Beyond

By Pooja Sharma, Project Manager, Energy

The COVID-19 pandemic and low oil prices create new opportunities and challenges for polyethylene wax producers.

With the growth in supply in the last two decades, polyethylene (PE) waxes have carved out a unique market space in the global wax market. PE waxes, which were first introduced with the intention of making up for the shrinking supply of specialty petroleum waxes, such as microcrystalline and high-melt paraffin, soon became the preferred additives in several applications, due to their superior performance.

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