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Traditional market intelligence is our legacy service offering and the reason for our coveted reputation for providing robust, fact-based data and insights. Our market and competitive analyses are based on substantial underlying research, including in many cases our vast portfolio of industry reports and databases, and typically a supporting primary research program. Projects are staffed with industry experts, allowing us to deliver deeper data dives and insights. Engagements are customized to each client’s specific scope of work and objectives, and as such can include a combination of custom research and purchase of syndicated data. This approach facilitates efficient client spend and provides immediate and timely access to industry data and our team. Our services include:

  • Competitive research
  • Customer insights
  • Market analysis
  • Opportunity screening/ identification
  • Value chain analysis

Our Experience

Examples of our consulting assignments are provided below and organized by project type and industry. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.

Competitive Research


  • Vinyl pyridine latex (rubber goods application): competitive supplier assessment
  • Antimicrobials (personal care ingredients): competitive landscape
  • Resorcinol: competitive analysis of a local China supplier
  • Bentonite: competitive supplier analysis (N. America)
  • TPU film: competitive market study (N. America)

Auto / Lubricants / Energy

  • Polyalphaolefin: business strategy of selected competitors
  • China lubricants: quarterly market share tracking (ongoing program)
  • Base oils: survivability assessment
  • Marine chemicals: competitive supply chain analysis
  • US lubricant distributors: competitive analysis


  • Vision care: competitive analysis of surgical supply chains
  • Blood glucose monitoring: competitive analysis
  • Digital health products (vision care): a competitive review
  • Contact lens: competitive analysis (commercial, manufacturing, financial)
  • Consumer healthcare: competitive P&L assessment of global consumer health care business segment


  • Beauty: competitive analysis of leading MNCs in China (annual project)
  • Professional skin care: competitive benchmarking
  • US professional hair care: commercial and financial analysis of a select competitor
  • Professional hair care: Case study of competitor’s N. Asia business
  • Consumer oral care: Understanding a competitor’s China business

Market Analysis; Opportunity Assessment


  • Corrosion inhibitors: market assessment of bio-based products
  • Alumina slurries: market opportunity assessment (chemical mechanical planarization)
  • Pharmaceutical excipients: market analysis
  • CEOR surfactants: market opportunities for chemically enhanced oil recovery surfactants
  • Plant-based proteins: market assessment of alternative proteins


  • Coolants: US market study
  • Metalworking fluids: Impact of electric vehicles
  • Motorcycle lubricants: Understanding the premium segment (China)
  • Refrigeration oil: Understanding the global market
  • Solar power: Understanding the energy storage market (China)


  • Nonprescription drugs: Rx-to-OTC switch opportunity assessment
  • Dietary supplements: market opportunities in cognitive, women’s, and ocular health
  • Dietary supplements: market and opportunity assessment in skin care, anti-aging space
  • Cardiovascular devices: Atrial fibrillation catheters- market and manufacturing assessment
  • Dry eye treatments (pharma): market assessment and cost analysis


  • Personal care: indie brand opportunities (Russia, China)
  • TCM beauty: mapping the traditional Chinese medicine beauty sector in China
  • Hair care: understanding the hair perming market in China
  • Professional hair care: tools market assessment
  • Global skin care: market mapping (positioning, price segments)

Customer Insights & Analysis

Selected examples of customer research projects follow. Please note that customer research is a significant component of many M&A/due diligence assignments; some of those examples are noted in the description and details of our Strategy & Business Growth services.

  • Calcium carbonate: precipitated calcium carbonate customer mapping (SE Asia)
  • HI&I cleaning ingredients: understand ingredient consumption by customer plant location
  • Bio-based methanol: customer identification (Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Metallocene PAO: customer identification of metallocene PAO suppliers
  • Lubricants: voice of the customer research (general manufacturing customers – US, Japan, Germany, France, India)
  • C5 derivatives: W. Europe customer assessment and analysis
  • Solid sulfur: Identify and profile customers (Central and Eastern Europe)
  • Polypropylene: customer needs research and analysis (China)
  • Styrene, ethylene oxide, other chemicals: customer needs research and analysis (China)
  • Industrial lubricants: voice of customer research (Egypt)
  • Personal care ingredients (ceramides): customer consumption and needs assessment

Featured Insight

When the Chips Are Down, Being Overly Smart Doesn’t Help

By Satyan Gupta, Director, Energy

If there were an award for strongest trending topics in 2021, semiconductors would be among the top contenders.

Rightly so, considering their use in so many applications, such as automobiles, wireless communications, personal computers, servers, and electromedical and various other digital technologies. As the “smartness” quotient in end-use applications continues to climb, chip demand similarly continues to experience robust growth.

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