We focus on personal care and home care products sold through all channels of distribution. Our studies are ideal for manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and suppliers who are seeking a deeper understanding of their industry.

Our webinars are designed to provide key insights into market data on given topics, and to help customers familiarize themselves with our report contents.

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The Changing Face of Beauty Devices

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September 11, 2019

The global beauty devices market continues to grow; however, there has been a shift in the regions propelling growth—from the United States and Europe in the initial years of industry development to Asia in recent years. Join our webinar to discover how individual country markets are performing and what factors are driving industry growth. The performance of key skin care concerns, product trends, and notable new launches will also be covered.

How Successful Beauty Retailers Win Customers in Asia

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June 20, 2019

The beauty specialty stores channel is on the rise in China and Japan, fueled by technology and personalization. In China, sales of beauty products in the direct sales and specialty stores channels are up 23%, while in Japan, boutique retailers’ sales alone grow at 8% in 2018. Join our live webinar to learn what makes these markets tick and what stands behind their dynamic growth.

On a High: Natural and Cannabis Beauty Products

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March 13, 2019

No longer a niche segment, natural personal care products continue to increase their share in the overall beauty landscape. Cannabis-infused beauty products are also on the rise, with marketers rapidly incorporating cannabis into their product offerings. This webinar answers critical questions:

  • What is driving the natural personal care market?
  • What brands are truly natural according to Kline’s ratings?
  • Who are the market movers?
  • How is cannabis making its way into skin care?