We focus on healthcare products sold through all channels of distribution, including OTC pharmaceuticals, Rx-to-OTC switches, and more. Our studies are ideal for manufacturers, marketers, retailers and suppliers who are seeking a deeper understanding of their industry.

Our webinars are designed to provide key insights into market data on given topics, and to help customers familiarize themselves with our report contents.

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Plant-Based Solutions for Heart Health

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March 2021

A growing flexitarian, vegan, and vegetarian population is projected to positively impact the global plant-based industry in the coming years. Listen to this webinar to get an overview of macro trends for natural products: careful reading of labels, green and sustainable lifestyles, and vegan and flexitarian diets.

OTC Cost Structures Shift as the Face of the Industry Changes

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September 28, 2016

Industry consolidation, major new brand launches, and a series of mergers and acquisitions in the U.S. OTC market have caused OTC cost structures to shift both in the near- and long-term. The costs associated with marketing, sales, and promotions of OTC brands tend to have wider swings from year to year, offset by administrative and R&D costs tend to be more stable over time. During this live webinar, Laura Mahecha, Kline’s Healthcare Industry Manager, will reveal key findings from our just published OTC Drugs: U.S. Competitor Cost Structures report which provides the profitability of the 11 leading OTC companies’ OTC units and the top three OTC product classes of each company profiled.