Artificial Nails

Nailed It: Artificial Nails and Accessories Seeing Solid Growth

Up until a few years ago, consumers could enhance the length of their fingernails in a semi-permanent way only in salons, where a nail technician would use acrylics or gels to achieve the desired results. Nowadays, there are many artificial nails and accessories for consumer use. Products used at home to give women long and beautiful nails grew at almost 10% in 2012, according to Kline’s FlashPoint report U.S Market for Nail Art and Accessories. Acrylic nails, gel nails, wraps, press-on nails/kits, and artificial nail glue are categorized under artificial nails and accessories.

Techniques employed to create artificial nails are discussed in detail in the report, as well as sales by major brand. In brief, there are three methods currently used:

  • Acrylic nails are prepared by applying a mixture of polymer powder and a liquid monomer, which hardens when exposed to air.
  • Gel nails are prepared by using a polymer resin that is usually referred to as UV Top Coat, which hardens under ultraviolet light.
  • Fiberglass or silk wraps serve as an alternative technique to consumers allergic to the chemicals utilized in the above two processes.
Nail art

Nail art

Another growing trend in the nail accessories market is nail art, such as decorative designs applied on fingernails and toenails. A rising percentage of women are interested in decorating their nails and adding creative touches to traditional manicures. Designs run the gamut, while currently leaves, flowers, geometric patterns, spots, stripes, stars, music patterns, and half-moons are popular. At-home nail art is increasingly gaining popularity among women, especially with those below the age of 45.


In 2013, gray emerges as a sought after color while other popular shades include neon colors, such as green, yellow, and red, and pale shades like white and pink. Nail art accessories that provide a metallic finish are popular and are not restricted to golden, silver, and bronze colors, but also include  red and purple. Glittered nails continue to remain in vogue in 2013. While horizontal ombre nails were popular in 2012, vertical ombre nails emerge as a popular nail art trend in 2013. Very long nails no longer remain fashionable in 2013, and the preferred length of nail ranges from short to medium.

Some trendy nail polish accessories products, such as water transfers, striping tapes, foil adhesives, and fimo canes are not retailed by any of the major companies. Most of the nail art products mentioned above are not branded and are retailed by very small manufacturers.

U.S Market for Nail Art and Accessories discusses the major market players, gives their market share and strengths and weaknesses, and also details other market participants in this exciting market segment of the cosmetics and toiletries industry.

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