Natural Cosmetic Conference, Berlin 2013

Natural Cosmetics Conference in Berlin

This year’s congress in Berlin was devoted to several key issues concerning the identity of natural cosmetics and sustainability. The congress – organized by Elfriede Dambacher who is an independent industry consultant in the field of natural cosmetics – gathered several international spokespersons for the industry who discussed the present and future market trends as well as consumer’s expectations. Great emphasize was placed by conference speakers on discussing the today’s role of the retail and how it can better adapt to the consumer’s needs in the natural cosmetics industry. One of the guest speakers Mattias Mussler,  the owner of the family-owned perfumery chain Mussler, shared his business approach to sales of natural cosmetics at his stores. Although the Mussler perfumeries specialize in a distribution of  luxury cosmetics, the mid-priced segment of his natural cosmetics business has registered a robust growth of 87.0% in 2012.

The analysis of Kline’s market data in Asia, Japan, Europe, and the United States, has concluded that the market of natural cosmetics is facing only a positive sales growth within the next five years. The German natural cosmetics market is anticipated to register over 10% growth in 2013, while the United States is expected to achieve an increase of 7% reaching almost USD 4.5 billion for the year.

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