Natural Selection - Thriving of the Informed

Natural Selection – Thriving of the Informed

Within the well-established natural personal care markets of Western Europe and North America, consumer demand for natural and organic products remains strong, maintaining double-digit growth rates. The most recent findings confirm that while the segment’s 2011 growth rate waned slightly compared to the five-year compound annual growth rate of 13.9%, it still consistently and significantly outperforms the overall beauty market.

What is particularly noteworthy is that both major markets are distinctly different as market leaders vary from region to region, and, respectively, domestic brands dominate each region. Additionally, within Europe, the dynamics of the naturals market varies significantly between countries. In Western Europe, the natural segment is becoming more mainstream, but it’s the largely untapped markets of Central and Eastern Europe where opportunities show a great promise. Universally, new channels of distribution are allowing marketers to access new consumers and ultimately broaden demand.

Natural personal care is not a fad, but a genuine consumer movement that is manifesting itself in ever diverse product applications and robust growth. Kline’s Natural Personal Care 2011: Regional Market Analysis and Competitive Brand Assessment allows astute marketers the insight required to confidently further their future growth plans to rework their strategies concerning sustainability, natural positioning, expansion into emerging markets, or seeking success through new channels of distribution.

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