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Naturals Market Set to Make Waves with Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods

Recording a compound annual growth rate of 8% since 2011, the U.S. natural personal care market remains a powerful force. The avalanche of new, niche brands and innovative products hitting the market, coupled with consumers’ rising demand for natural beauty solutions, promises another year of success. Following the trail of this booming market, we’re pleased to announce a new edition of our Natural Personal Care: Market Analysis and Opportunities report series, which will look at the U.S. and Russian markets.

Key highlights expected to emerge in our market discoveries include:

An explosion on the retailing front: The ever-changing beauty retailing landscape evolves to the rise of the natural phenomenon. Mass merchandisers like Target allocate shelf space for truly natural brands while Sephora and Ulta promote up-and-coming natural indies. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is expected to take the notion of naturals even further, as truly natural products, curated by Whole Foods, become available with the click of a button. Consumers are expected to turn to Whole Foods as their trusted source for their natural food and beauty needs. The anticipated growing online presence of Whole Foods is expected to affect other mass retailers and force them to increase their natural product offerings and become more accessible to increasingly demanding consumers.

Natural vs. natural-inspired: Exploring products that are truly natural vs. natural-inspired remains a key part of our analysis. While a growing number of consumers familiarize themselves with ingredients that are known as “harmful,” a majority of consumers still lack knowledge relative to the safety of certain ingredients. This results in varied consumer perception of what brands are truly natural vs. natural-inspired. Our chemicals experts use our custom-made ratings system to rate the naturalness of over 30 brands. They will shed new light on which brands are truly natural versus natural-inspired by looking at the ingredients of a number of brand’s products and giving it a rating of 1 to 10. Brands with a rating of 1-4 are considered as natural-inspired, and those with a rating of 5-10 are considered truly natural.

Naturally rising stars: While our report analysis considers various factors, such as product trends and launches, competitive landscape, and marketing activity, the profiling of up-and-coming and established brands takes center stage as we take a deep dive into brands like Beautycounter and Farmacy, analyzing their philosophy, main channels of distributions, product focus, and, most importantly, their degree of naturalness.

To learn about this ever-evolving market, please refer to our Natural Personal Care: Market Analysis and Opportunities report coming this winter, to reveal the latest dynamics taking center stage in 2017. Focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, and business opportunities, this comprehensive analysis will feature separate reports for Russia and the United States and natural ingredient ratings using Kline’s proprietary rating scale. A bonus section on natural personal care products, including bath additives and shower gels, deodorants, oral care products, and shaving products, will also be provided.

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