Clean Label Infographic

Navigating How U.S. Consumers Perceive “Clean” in Food and Beverages

As consumers pay an increasing amount of attention to health and well-being, they also focus on clean or green labels. The specific definition of “clean” is still open to various interpretations from consumersAlthough regardless of how they describe the term, food and beverage brands take notice and label products with specific claims to appeal to consumers.

Purchasing clean products is more important to shoppers in some categories, such as meat and poultry and milk from animals. In addition, many consumers focus their attention on nutritional information when selecting a product to avoid certain ingredients. 

What are the categories in which clean and natural products are most important?  And what are the top three ingredients being avoided by consumers? To keep you in touch with the latest developments, we asked various consumers about their views on clean labeling in the food and beverages industry. Download our infographic Navigating How U.S. Consumers Perceive “Clean” in Food and Beverages as we uncover consumers’ perceptions based on insights from our Clean Label in Food and Beverages: Perception vs. Reality report.

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