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New Natural OTCs Displayed at Natural Products Expo

This year’s Natural Products Expo West was a huge event with over 80,000 attendees walking multiple floors of the Anaheim Convention Center. Much of the displays focused on millennials with products that appeal to their desire for sustainability and natural ingredients. Farm-to-tablet sourcing was a major theme echoed by several nutritional supplement exhibitors. Mega Foods’ Blood Builder uses beets as its main ingredient and claims to help cleanse the blood. The company actively promotes that the beets used to make Blood Builder are all grown from sustainable farms in the United States.

Probiotics and digestive immunity were extremely popular at the show. Several booths focused on probiotics also proliferated the show with new products featured from DSM, Jarrow Naturals, Nature’s Plus, Love Bug, and Raw Probiotics. Many new product launches focused on children’s probiotics in chewable and gummy forms.

Natural sleep aids were also seen at the show with Nature’s Plus Dreaminol, which offers melatonin in a tri-layer tablet that is lactose- and gluten free. Gaia Herbs’ Sleep and Relax brand was also featured and promotes a calming, healthy sleep cycle using valerian and other herbs. Sleep Thru by Gaia Herbs helps you sleep through the night and wake refreshed.

Kline publishes many insightful studies to help marketers stay ahead of trends and competitors in these rapidly changing categories.

Digestive Health, Immunity, and Probiotics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities will be published In Q2 2017 and offers a comprehensive assessment of the quickly growing market for prebiotics and probiotics. This report will focus on both mass and specialty brands, as well as refrigerated products through all retail channels. This study will provide insights on market trends, growth rates, and the competitive landscape.

Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug Products on the U.S. OTC Market was published in June 2016 and provides analysis of natural remedies that do not contain drugs but are natural, plant-based, and/or homeopathic. This report includes an analysis of the market’s size, consumers’ perceptions, and company profiles. This report focuses on major brands, companies, and consumer attitudes towards such products.

Nonprescription Drugs USA is Kline’s annual comprehensive service covering the U.S. OTC market with extensive coverage of sleeping aids and nutritional supplements, including multivitamins, single letter vitamins, minerals, and herbal products. The study will be published in Q2 2017 and provides an analysis of key trends, market developments, challenges, business opportunities, and new product activity, and offers sales data and market shares for hundreds of brands and companies.

Self-care Devices: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities provides a deep dive into the market for devices that consumers use to either prevent or treat minor ailments. Self-care devices are drug-free and use various technologies, such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), light, or electric pulses for prevention and/or treatment of minor ailments, such as acne, allergies, itch, cold sores, hair loss, headache, insomnia, sleeplessness, or pain. This report will be published in Q3 2017.

Written by Sandy Trimarco, Account Manager  and Laura Mahecha, Industry Manager

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