New Year Resolutions - Health and Wellness

New Year Resolutions – Health and Wellness

New year wishes and resolutions are closely tied to health and well-being. We wish for good health for others and want to get in better shape ourselves and therefore this phenomenon can translate into big bucks for many savvy companies promoting corresponding offers. Gyms are still full, and sales of health preparations increase. The digital helping hand also comes in a variety of apps, such as Fitocracy, Lose It, and My Last Cigarette. The most common new year resolutions include weight loss, quitting smoking, exercising, eating healthy, and a better work/life balance.

Resolution #1: Get fit.

With consumers all over the world looking to take care of their health in order to improve the quality of life and reduce medical costs, this is not just a short-term social phenomenon. Therefore, the largely untapped market for health and wellness devices can offer a burgeoning opportunity for healthcare and technology manufacturers. Devices such as portable heart rate and blood pressure monitors or monitors for fitness and exercise are just the beginning of a revolution in this growing business. See what other opportunities reside in this market in the recently published Health and Wellness Devices.

Resolution #2: Get healthy.

Vitamins are widely known for being essential to our healthy existence. They are obtained mainly through a balanced diet; however, most people are required to take additional vitamin supplements. Driven by a growing alertness towards health and prevention, increased consumer confidence in the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals, positive demographics, and positive performance of leading brands across segments, sales for this market  is projected to grow at a the steady rate of 3% over the next five years. View the latest trends on this dynamic industry by subscribing to Nonprescription Drugs USA.

Resolution #3: Take better care of your skin and body.

Skin is the largest organ of our body, and taking good care of it is essential. With an increasing consumer awareness of skin protection and growing interest in male grooming products, this vast market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% by 2016. Learn more about the 27 major product categories, including fragrances, hair care products, skin care products, and other categories, from Kline’s latest edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries USA.  

Resolution #4: Take better care of your teeth.

This is a niche one, but so is the upcoming Kline report: Professional Oral Care. This brand new study will cover professional dental products and cosmetic dental procedures, including laser whitening. Contact us for more information.

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