Nutricosmetics – The Business of Beauty Inside Out

The new age of beauty has dawned, where it is no longer defined by heavy makeup or performance creams, but rather beauty that comes from within. The concept of beauty and personal care has evolved over the past several years as part of a holistic approach to self-care, which promotes the notion of eating healthy and organic foods, taking supplements, exercising, and managing stress.

Nutricosmetics—often referred to as ingestible beauty or beauty supplements—are taking the notion of beauty from within further. An array of products that serve different purposes, from promoting reduction in fine lines, to improving skin texture, to achieving lustrous, thick, and strong growing hair and nails are flooding the market to address the needs of experimental consumers. Collagen pills and fuels, dust powders, and shakes are the new forms of supplements offered by brands like Age Quencher, Moon Dust, and Kalumi.

Nutricosmetics is a market seeing rapid growth as consumers embrace the inside out phenomenon. For example, probiotic supplements help improve digestive health and immunity and have grown significantly over the past decade as revealed in our recently published Digestive Health, Immunity, and Probiotics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities study. Consumers buy in to the notion that they can improve their overall health and well-being from the inside out by taking probiotic supplements on a regular basis. Consumers understand “you are what you eat” and that, to have supple skin, shiny hair, or long strong nails, supplements that can add key nutrients to their diet will help improve outward appearances. Scientific research on the benefits of collagen, biotin, and other ingredients helps boost the appeal of such supplements.

However, what are the key drivers of nutricosmetics, and where do the opportunities lie? What channels of distribution are utilized by brands to reach consumers, and which brands are ahead of the curve?

Kline’s upcoming Nutricosmetics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities study analyzes the dynamically growing market for ingestible beauty by giving readers an inside look at the much talked-about trend of promoting beauty from within using beauty supplements. The report will answer questions on the benefits of nutricosmetics, newly launched products, fast moving brands, retailers at the forefront of promoting such products, key trends, and opportunities.

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