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Professional cosmetics insights from Beauty International in Dusseldorf

BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL in Dusseldorf – a leading fair for professional cosmetics – provided opportunity for many professionals in the beauty industry to get together and showcase their products, share thoughts, and see the new trends for 2011. Over 100 specialized events addressing four focal points: cosmetics, nails, foot care and wellness, were organized for show visitors. The trade show, boasting 1,250 exhibitors and brands from 25 countries, provided a meeting ground for a comprehensive range of professional cosmetics service providers.

At Kline, we always strive to undertake research that will bring our subscribers the most meticulous and thoughtful insights, facts, and ideas from in person interviews with industry leaders, as well as valuable knowledge gained from important industry conferences such as the one recently attended by Ewa Grigar, our analyst specializing in professional skin care and salon hair care markets

Ewa, spent three days at the show amassing the hottest trends in the industry. We asked Ewa to share some insights from the show, tell us who she talked to, what caught her immediate attention, and some highlights she is planning to include in Kline’s upcoming “Salon Hair Care” and “Professional Skin Care –Europe” report.

Ewa, who did you meet with at the show and what topics did you discuss?

During my trip to the Beauty International show in Dusseldorf, I had a chance to meet with representatives of professional beauty brands such as Janssen Cosmeceuticals, Dermalogica, Babor, Thalgo, Sothys, Dr. Spiller, Phytomer, Dr. Grandel, and Comfort Zone, among others. We discussed current trends in the market, including both the opportunities and obstacles facing marketers in the progressively growing hotel spa industry. 

From your conversations, what appeared to be the most prevalent concern for the spa industry?

While marketers have an interest in investing into development of this professional beauty channel (spa channel), they are faced with the problem of high turnovers of the spa staff members, who are oftentimes only hired as seasonal employees. Since product education for the application of specific product lines takes time, and continuous efforts for self-improvement in application techniques through workshops are organized by each marketer, seasonal employees may not have adequate skills to deliver services of the highest quality, as is expected from them by individual brands.

Can you tell us a little bit about product trends?

Many products on the professional skin care scene continue to tout the anti-aging feature. Professional skin care marketers have acknowledged the need to diversify, segment, and innovate their offerings in order to cater to a growing demand for products that are preventative or that are proven to help reverse signs of aging. Furthermore, the combination of several benefits in one product has stood out among consumers. Products for sensitive skin have also been in demand in the market.

Several marketers, such as Janssen Cosmecuticals and Thalgo, have lately been focused on re-packaging their products and improving existing formulas. There is a great emphasis on bringing forth the original values of each brand (in terms of its history) in order to distinguish itself in the competitive market.

What was the atmosphere like among salon hair care brands and what trends did you spot?

The salon hair care market is seeing signs of economic improvement, especially during the beginning of 2011. Marketers focus on expanding and re-launching their color lines, as well as products for colored hair. The improving number of in-salon hair coloring procedures rekindles a demand for new hair coloring palettes and formulas. In 2011, Schwarzkopf is launching its new Igora Senea hair color line, specially developed for sensitive skin.

Any interesting trends?

Among trends, I noticed contrasting hair colors: dark browns, true reds, platinum blondes; or more than just one hair color. Consumers are becoming drawn to brands which have a specific image: natural (Davines, La Bioesthetique, Glynt) or avant-garde (Sexy Hair, Redken, Fudge).

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