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Professional Skin Care: Growing by $1.1 Billion Globally in Five Years

The professional skin care market registers a strong growth of about 7% in 2019, across key markets including China, Europe, India, and the United States, according to Kline’s recently published Professional Skin Care Global Series. All four markets register positive growth, with developing country India registering double-digit growth and Russia registering the highest growth in Europe.

Retail and medical care providers are two of the most dynamic channels that register double-digit growth across all key markets. Medical care providers’ strong growth is driven by consumers who increasingly seek quicker and more impactful transformations from their skin care routines via professional strength and dermatologist-recommended brands. Professional skin care marketers globally continue to increase their focus on the retail channel, especially e-commerce platforms, by launching their own websites, which allows access to a wide range of products. Furthermore, companies are connecting with consumers through social media platforms such as WeChat, Instagram, and Facebook, allowing them to interact directly with consumers.

In the United States, sales of professional skin care products increase by a remarkable 9% in 2019. This record performance is backed up by various brands that undergo an aesthetic reawakening to refine their positioning in the market. Enhanced messaging, rebranding and reformulations, inventive marketing strategies to reach a younger audience, and an influx of new product innovations help brands elevate their footprint in the professional space. Moreover, marketers make notable efforts to engage consumers in new ways through distribution expansion beyond professional doors.

The European market registers the slowest growth of 4% compared to the prior year due to the slow performance of a few key markets such as France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. However, markets such as the United Kingdom and Russia experience strong growth, driven by the expansion of distribution of several marketers and a greater number of physicians dispensing skin care products.

China continues to be the largest market and registers a strong growth in line with the prior year. This is attributed to the good performance of international brands such as SkinCeuticals, which registers triple-digit growth across all key channels of distribution.

To learn more about the professional skin care market in Europe, China, India, or the United States, please refer to our annual Professional Skin Care Global Series report covering all consumable topical skin care products sold through and used in professional channels of distribution. This series is comprised of individual market reports and an online database featuring total industry size and growth, brand sales by country, and channel sales. The 2019 data is now available, while the written reports will be published shortly.


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