Professional Skin Care Roundup

Professional Skin Care Roundup

Physician Dispense Survey Results are in, Aesthetic Procedures Skyrocket, and Coverage Expands to UAE!

Our coverage of the multi-faceted market for topical and nonsurgical aesthetic products hits a high note this year according to our report findings. From the fast growth of professional skin care products in the medical care providers channel to the booming demand for in-office procedures, these segments continue to be fruitful for market stalwarts, as well as relative newcomers.

As marketers fight to stay on top in the fast-paced world of professional skin care and working with aesthetic physicians, it is important to take stock. This month, we will publish our Physician-dispensed Skin Care: U.S. Perception and Satisfaction Survey, which offers an unbiased view point of what dispensing physicians find most important from the brands they offer their patients. Often, marketers can misjudge what is most vital to potential buyers, partners, and consumers, leading to oversights in their marketing and sales strategies. Conversely, marketers may not realize how their partners view them on certain important attributes and may be spending unnecessary resources on perfecting an area in which they are already viewed positively.

The survey, which is the third of its kind, helps subscribers correct problematic areas seen in the assessment and raise their level of service and sales to better meet the needs of their partners. The survey mainly focuses on what are the most important attributes to physicians dispensing skin care products while choosing a brand and how various brands perform against these attributes. Not only do results from these surveys serve as a tool for areas that need attention, they also equip sales people with information on areas that they excel in that can be showcased during presentations to customers. The survey also helps marketers identify where the gaps are for their particular brands for improvement. It also helps marketers understand what types of ingredients are requested by patients and what skin concerns are most commonly addressed by different physician-types.

While the topical skin care market for dispensing physicians records a 7% growth in 2017 in the United States, the professional aesthetics market records robust double-digit growth to reach $3.5 billion in 2017. Continued demand for anti-aging treatments, a surge in the popularity of body contouring treatments, and new product activity in all product categories drives the professional aesthetics market’s growth. Our recently published Professional Aesthetics: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report cites areas of opportunity for several different marketers, including industry leaders, topical marketers, and at-home device makers. For example, market leader SkinCeuticals enters this market with its Cryocorrect device in 2017. The report also provides insights on new treatments and innovations, as well as various partnerships with topical skin care companies, in order to benefit from cross-selling opportunities.

Our coverage of Professional Skin Care Global Series for 2018 continues in key areas of the United States, Europe, and China, but also expands to UAE. The cosmeceuticals dermatology market in the UAE is hot as several international brands from Europe and the United States are expanding their presence in this market and more medical spas offering professional aesthetics and skin care treatments are opening, providing an opportunity for marketers in this space. The UAE market is dominated by the medical care providers channel, followed by spas. The new UAE report will provide marketers in-depth information on the country level demand for consumable topical skin care products sold through and used in professional channels of distribution, such as doctors’ offices, beauty institutes and hair salons, and spas.

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