Food Safety Cleaning Products in China

Raising the Bar on Food Safety Cleaning Products in China as the Chinese Government Tightens its Grip on Food Safety Oversight

While the quality and safety of food is a major benchmark of the economic development of any country, in China, the first major Food Safety Law was put in effect in 2009. Four years later with worsening safety issues and after a series of critical violations, the Chinese government is placing even greater importance on food quality, safety, and hygiene with a new set of regulations affecting food quality and food production, supervision of imported and exported food products, food inspection practices, and food hygiene.

The range of food safety violations in China is vast, including contamination with dangerous chemicals, nutritionally adulterated food, or substandard food. Although the Chinese government is aware of the problem, especially since the melamine-tainted milk incident in 2008, negative headlines continue to emanate from China and are negatively publicized in media markets around the world. New food safety regulations promise to improve the inspection process, and enact more stringent laws and regulations on how the food processing and service industries clean and disinfect areas where food is processed and prepared. A five-year draft of a plan indicates that food manufacturers, distributors, and the food service industry can expect more stringent regulations with harsher penalties in the future. Additionally, the Chinese government has already intensified supervision on hygiene in the catering industry, promulgated and put into effect the Hygienic Standards for the Catering Industry and Group Food Service Providers, further strengthening supervision of the catering industry.

Taking the changing regulatory environment into account, Kline is launching a new report entitled Food Safety Cleaning Products in China: Market Analysis and Opportunities. The report will provide an overview of the food safety market in China including a summary of current food safety regulations and anticipated changes in regulations. This report will also provide a thorough assessment of sales and market shares of suppliers of food safety cleaning products, which are used to clean and sanitize food processing plants and commercial kitchens. It will include 2013 and 2014 sales of food safety cleaning products, as well as sales forecasts to 2019. The report’s information will be obtained through extensive primary research conducted in China with suppliers, distributors, end users, regulators, and industry associations.

China is an unpredictable market, but with the proper market knowledge, marketers can better understand the intended consequences of the rigorous food safety regulations in the country on the food safety cleaning products market and uncover future opportunities for growth. Furthermore, food service cleaning in China will see a positive shift from today’s negative perception, so long as those involved in the industry meet the new laws imposed by the Chinese government.


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