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Global Rodent Control: Country Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2021
Published: Q2 2022
Regional Coverage: Brazil, China, France, Mexico


A detailed overview of how rodents are controlled in different industry segments including agriculture, households, professional pest control, and urban cities, this study includes the leading rodenticide brands and suppliers for each segment.


  • Each country includes analyses for: 
    • Agriculture
    • Consumers
    • Pest control companies
    • Urban centers
  • Main rodent pests commonly controlled
  • Different rodent control techniques used, including non-chemical methods
  • Sales of rodenticides by brand and supplier
  • Sales by active ingredient  
  • Outlook to 2026


Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings plus a forecast based on Kline’s FutureView Forecasting Model

Each report will cover the following segments:

  • Agriculture (including crops in the field and Stored agricultural commodities)
  • Consumers
  • Pest control companies
  • Urban centers


Includes:  interactive database tool for easy-to-navigate data analysis

Country Analysis

Each market segment contains the following information (some markets, where appropriate):

  • Structure of the market
  • Different rodent species
  • Extent of problems/damages
  • Effectiveness of current products
  • Regulatory policies
  • Methods of control
  • Non-chemical controls
  • Rodenticide sales by brand and supplier
  • Active ingredients by sales and volume
  • Prices at end-user level
  • Rodenticide sales by product form
  • Outlook for five years

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of rodenticides. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • Analysis of the main rodent problems and which brands and active ingredients are most widely used for control
  • An understanding of current and changing legislature for rodenticide usage in different areas of control
  • An assessment of how the market is expected to change in the next five years, guiding new product development

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