Sleep Aids Market Analysis

Sleep Aids: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities 

Base Year: 2018
To Be Published 2nd Quarter 2019
Regional Coverage: United States

A comprehensive analysis of the market for sleep aids in the United States covering OTC sleep medicines, natural sleep aid products, and sleep aid devices, including consumer research on attitudes, usage, and perceptions. This study will focus on key trends, developments, business opportunities, new product activity, and consumer preferences in the rapidly changing and growing sleep aids market.

This Report Will Help Subscribers to:

  • Understand the size and growth of all facets of the sleep aids category
  • Identify key opportunities for growth and/or partnerships/ acquisitions
  • Learn the factors that are important to consumers when buying sleep aids
  • Discover the size of sales through hard-to-track alternate channels
  • Analyze new, upcoming brands and technologies that will have an impact on this market
  • Forecast the size of the category, taking all market adjacencies into account

Report Contents


Executive Summary

  • An overview of key findings

Product Categories
For each category listed in Table 1, the following analysis will be provided:

  • Category size and growth (2017 and 2018), including brand sales and growth
  • Trends and market drivers
  • Competitive landscape, key players, market shares
  • Retail distribution including alternate channels
  • Marketing activity including analysis of new products/technologies
  • Forecast to 2023

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Table 1: Product Categories to be Profiled
Category Product examples
Natural sleep aids Melatonin, valerian, selenium, ashwagandha
OTC sleep aids OTC medicated sleep aids, pain + sleep combination products
Sleep devices Sleep gadgets, trackers, apps, monitors, masks

Scope & Benefits

Sleep Aids: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities will provide a detailed, independent appraisal of this fast-moving market. It will explore consumer perceptions and pinpoint opportunities for marketers. Products included in the scope are medicated nonprescription sleep aids, natural or herbal sleep remedies, including those that contain melatonin, valerian, and the like, and technological devices that promote sleep, track sleep, or detect deficiencies in sleep. Panelists in the consumer research will be U.S. adults representative of the general population with region, gender, age, and income levels representative of U.S. Census data. The geographic scope will be the United States. The following categories will NOT be part of our survey:

  • Prescription sleep aids
  • Sleep apnea devices, such as CPAP machines
  • Herbal teas
  • Products that promote sleep that do not have a technology component, such as bedding, linens, non-device sleep masks, ear plugs, essential oils, diffusers, white noise sound machines, and the like

This report will enable subscribers to identify business opportunities in the dynamic sleep aids market and to understand consumers’ attitudes, usage, and perceptions of sleep aids.

  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments driving the sleep market
  • Understand the competitive landscape and how to best position brands
  • Identify trends in technology and new products that will impact the market
  • Develop new sleep aid products suited to consumers’ wants and needs
  • Uncover opportunities for growth via acquisitions or partnerships
  • A holistic view of the market, including all market segments and alternate channels of distribution

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