Emerging trends in the jansan cleaning chemicals market

Revealing important changes in the jansan cleaning industry

What are the key changes and emerging trends in the jansan cleaning chemicals market? Kline reveals important findings from its upcoming Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities research program.

Increased square footage of resilient hard surface flooring has reduced the need to strip/wax floors. Rubber flooring, solid vinyl tile, linoleum, and synthetic resin are becoming popular options for high-traffic commercial spaces, as they often offer lower maintenance requirements. As a result, the market for floor finishes and coatings shows a decrease compared to 2014 market data.

Foodservice, healthcare, and education remain important end-segments for away-from-home cleaning business and the hand care market due to the increased concern for disinfecting/sanitizing, as well as strengthened regulations aiming to reduce the spread of germs in these facilities.

Repeating food poisoning outbreaks across the United States forced restaurant chains to reevaluate their food safety policies on all frontiers, from increased requirements to suppliers to improvements in food handling among the staff. By offering value-added services, such as assistance with staff training, ensuring the correct products in the right amounts are being used, reviewing product claims and efficacy, and reducing the risks of surface cross-contamination, cleaning products suppliers can increase their sales to the foodservice segment.

Schools continue to have tight budgets; however, this segment is characterized by high loyalty. To help the education segment do more with less, jansan suppliers can offer cost-effective and safe solutions, such as concentrates, and teach school staff with proper cleaning techniques necessary to prevent outbreaks.

The spread of germs through high-touch areas and cross-contamination are the largest challenges for the healthcare segment, therefore, advanced solutions for sanitation and disinfecting are crucial for hospitals and nursing homes.

Jansan and paper houses remain the primary distribution channel for janitorial and housekeeping cleaning products, but online ordering has become more popular. Purchases are made through online retailers, such as Amazon, but the vast majority comes directly from distributor/chemical supplier websites.

These and other critical trends from the U.S. jansan market will be analyzed in our soon-to-be-published program, Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, which is based on over 1,000 structured interviews with end users and 70 unstructured interviews with suppliers, distributors, and trade associations.

Kline will be presenting the key trends in the I&I market at the largest exhibition of cleaning and hygiene in North America, ISSA/Interclean. ISSA Resource Center, Booth4900. Add this presentation to your event planner.

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