Physician-dispensed Skin Care

Scanning the Growing Segment of Dispensing Skin Care Physicians

Driven by an increased number of physicians dispensing skin care products from their offices, as well as a high frequency of consumer visits to physicians’ offices, medical care providers continues to emerge as the strongest professional channel in the U.S. professional skin care market in 2014. Findings from the 2014 edition of Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey show that almost one-fourth of dispensing physicians generated over 15% of their revenue from the sales of skin care products, and many of them said they want to increase this number in the near future.

As we see many ongoing opportunities into this segment, we’re pleased to announce the second edition of Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey along with a new service—Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Category Sizing Panel Service, that will help marketers pinpoint where they are positioned in key product categories such as kits, body care, cleansers and toners, corrective treatments, eye treatments, lip treatments, masks, moisturizers, peels, specialty treatments and serums, and sun care.

Based on hard shipment data from panel participants, this new service will provide marketers with an exclusive customized report every six months, which will illustrate their performance relative to the overall industry performance. The service is an excellent resource to empower sales, marketing, and management personnel to utilize the most up-to-date transaction-based data in their areas of responsibility. In addition, it will enable users to explore business opportunities by understanding market patterns and their own position in the market relative to the competition.

Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Category Sizing Panel Service along with our upcoming Physician-dispensed Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey and the recently published Professional Skin Care: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities form the perfect trio that will help your beauty business succeed in the flourishing physician-dispense market for skin care products.

Written by Marcela Chifu, Marketing Executive, Consumer Products Practice

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