Seed Treatments Expected To Surge

Seed Treatments Expected To Surge

Because of its critical role at the heart of any crop farming endeavor, the seed remains perhaps the most vulnerable link in the agricultural input category. The importance of protecting this vital component has spurred a booming market for seed treatment technologies designed to give crops the best possible start, reduce risk and ensure the highest possible yield for growers. Where growers once may have increased their seeding rates to hedge against insect and disease damage, the growth in GMO technologies has driven up seed costs significantly, making this an expensive proposition.

High-yield field crops remain the dominant market for this evolving technology, with sales in the corn business accounting for more than half the global market share. The U.S. remains the largest national market with 60% of the global share in 2009, and Brazil was next with almost 20%. Regionally, Europe and Asia check in at 15% and 4%, respectively.

With growers under increasing pressure to protect their investment and keep per-acre seeding rates under control, seed treatment has become an increasingly cost-effective solution. Read more…

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