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Socially responsible and natural brands are among the top sunscreens sold online, according to Kline’s Amalgam tool

Kline’s digital tracking tool Amalgam regularly scans online retailers and ranks brands monthly based on a proprietary algorithm that takes customer ratings, reviews, prevalence, and duration into account. In May 2018, Amalgam’s top ranked sunscreen brands include Thinksport (#2) and Thinkbaby (#3) from Thinksocial, a company that is focused on social responsibility and using natural ingredients in its brands. Thinksport sunscreens contain zinc oxide 20% with SPF 50+ and are touted as the first sunscreens to pass Whole Foods Premium Care requirements and are rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group. Thinksocial’s mantra is to create safe consumer products that have the least impact on the environment as possible, as well as to work with non-profits that help the world become a safer, healthier place. In addition to sunscreens, the company makes natural deodorants, shampoos, body washes, baby lotions, BPA-free bowls, plates, water bottles, and baby bottles. The Thinksport and Thinkbaby sunscreens have moved up in Amalgam’s rankings over the past year considerably. Thinkbaby has secured awards such as Tillywig Toys and Media Awards and Parents’ Favorite Products awards, and both brands have brand ambassadors that tout the safety and social responsibility of the brands on social media.

Snapshot of Amalgam, a new tracking service to monitor brand performance online

Amalgam is offered across multiple consumer product industries, including beauty and personal care, OTC drugs, and nutritional products. Product classes tracked include skin care, hair care, upper respiratory products, analgesics, digestive products, vitamins and minerals, and herbal and specialty supplements, among others. The tool is used by clients to understand which brands are winning online, track new brands entering these categories, see how online prices of brands fluctuate over time, and make adjustments to their brands’ e-commerce strategy as a result. Data can be viewed by category, company, brand, and online retailer. Quarterly trend reports from Kline’s industry experts help clients put detailed monthly data into perspective and inform e-commerce brand strategies. To find out how Kline’s Amalgam tool can help your organization develop a winning e-commerce strategy, contact us.

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