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South Korea Delivers 61% Growth Supported by LED Masks while China Continues its Upward Trajectory

In an unprecedented turn of events, South Korea outpaces China in terms of growth in 2018. The South Korean at-home beauty devices market advanced to a 61% growth in 2018, triple the size of the growth within the past three years.

A key reason for this increase is the expansion of once-niche brands LG Electronics and Cellreturn. LG Electronics, a new entrant in 2017, becomes the leading marketer with nearly 30% market share in 2018. Relative newcomer Cellreturn has benefited from LG’s marketing groundwork with its own device, supported by a Samsung collaboration.

Some up-and-coming marketers, such as East Skin and MM Korea, are introducing LED masks, inspired by the success of the LED masks like Pra.L and Cellreturn. Retail prices for these masks top $1,600 for Cellreturn.

New LED Masks in South Korea, 2018

Meanwhile the Chinese market continues to see exceptional performance from established marketers such as Ya-Man and Ulike and up-and-coming marketers such as Artistic & Co. and Shenzhen Siken 3D Technology, all registering triple-digit growth in 2018. Anti-aging and hair removal devices continue to drive sales in China, with growth in those categories driven by the solid performance of leading established marketers such as Ya-Man, TriPollar, and Ulike. On the other hand, growth in the cleansing category is being hampered by the plethora of inexpensive and inefficacious devices available in the market, dampening consumer interest and trust in at-home beauty devices. The cleansing category experiences signs of saturation, with Foreo’s growth sharply slowing down and Clarisonic’s staying relatively flat in 2018.

New Anti-Aging Devices in China, 2018

New IPL At-Home Hair Removal Devices in China, 2018

For more insights into the performance of the at-home beauty devices market in 2018, stay tuned to our Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report, offering a comprehensive assessment of the vibrant global market for at-home beauty devices, focusing on market

size and growth, importance of skin care concerns, product trends and notable new launches, key changes in distribution, and the competitive landscape. Already published are the U.S. and China country reports, with those on South Korea, Japan, and Europe soon to be published.

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