sustainability in lubricants survey

Sustainability in Lubricants Industry Survey 2021 

A Collaboration Between Lube Magazine and Kline & Company 

Sustainability is a critical global initiative, currently representing one of the key business drivers within the energy sector. Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards are expected to have a profound impact on the operations and business practices of enterprises worldwide. To achieve their sustainability goals, companies across a wide range of industries will institute operational measures and decarbonization technologies. 

Lube magazine and Kline & Company have collaborated to commission In-house Research Ltd to conduct a survey on sustainability within the lubricants industry.

The purpose of this survey is to address the importance of sustainability and to analyze the impact and implications that sustainability will have on the lubricants industry and its supply chains as this issue is prioritized.

This survey is exclusive to Kline and Lube magazine subscribers, who will be among the first invited to participate. This participation is vital to ongoing innovation within the industry and provides respondents with the opportunity to help inform a global report on sustainability initiatives and opinions.

This survey is supported by Portland-Fuel, which will “offset one ton of CO2 free of charge and provide the relevant certification” to those participating companies where respondents agree to be contacted.  

If you would like to participate in the survey, please submit your information via our registration form HERE.

Feedback and survey conclusions will be summarized and shared by Kline at Sustainability Conference 2022, to be held on March 9, 2022, at the Institute of Directors, London.  

Sustainability Conference 2022 is hosted by UKLA and Lube magazine as a special one-day conference addressing the impact and implications for the lubricants industry and its supply chains of putting sustainability first. 

This is a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders through presentations, discussions, and debates. The conference will be launched with a keynote address by Chris Hines, former Sustainability Director of the United Kingdom’s Eden Project and a leading motivational speaker, industry consultant, and environmental campaigner. The event will examine the global, regional, and sector impact that prioritizing sustainability will mean for our industry. 

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