Beauty Retailing

Live Webinar Tomorrow: Impactful Shifts in Beauty and Retail

The U.S. beauty industry continues to make bold moves supported by newness, runaway trends, social media, indie brands, and savvy millennials chasing down the next big thing. Its retailing scene is undergoing a facelift with some brands shifting into high gear to channels such as specialty stores and direct sales.


We will discuss the latest shifts and developments in beauty and retail, based on key findings from our soon-to-be-published  Cosmetics & Toiletries USA and Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities reports. Continue reading

CEW Product Demonstration

The Best of CEW’s Product Demonstration Continues to Excite Beauty Lovers

Last week, we attended CEW’s Product Demonstration, an annual event where beauty’s best showcase their finest creations ranging from skin care to hair care products. We were pleased to see that many of the products exposed were in line with the trends noted in our annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report. Here’s what caught our attention the most in each category.

In skin care, facial masks suggest this trend is certainly not close to over. Two products that we noticed catching a lot of attention were the Dr. Brandt Skincare Magnetight Age-Defier, which demonstrates innovation with an iron-infused mask that is removed using a magnetic tool, and the Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatment, which features an illuminating chromed color, peel-off mask that targets signs of aging.Continue reading

Beauty Indies

Beauty’s Notable Disruptors Move Categories Across the Board

Indies, beauty’s notable market movers, are disrupting categories across the board with innovative product offerings and utilizing social media platforms to appeal to experimental consumers. Kline’s new Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Global Tracking Service will take a close look at these disruptors and assess what makes them relevant in today’s marketplace. In the following interview, Kline’s experts answer important questions on this upcoming report.Continue reading

Male Grooming

The New Age of Beauty Becomes Male-centric

Men’s grooming continues to be on beauty marketers’ radar. Recently, a new trend focusing on male consumers is making big waves and has great potential to impact the market in the upcoming years. Men’s cosmetics and gender-free beauty are the next steps in the male beauty movement, with the media, indie beauty brands, and even major beauty companies paying tribute to the rise of men in beauty.

Social media gave a voice to indie beauty brands as reported by Kline’s Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Global Tracking Service, and it is now providing a platform to men who are just as passionate as women are about cosmetics and beauty. Social media has given a platform to early male adopters of makeup to share their experiences with the world. Continue reading

Best of Beauty in 2016

Taking a Look Back at the Best of Beauty in 2016

As we enter 2017, we wanted to share with you our most appreciated initiatives through 2016. We covered an array of new trends from bond builders in the global salon hair care market to barbershop trends in Europe. We continued our coverage of the dynamic and important markets through our well-regarded report series: Beauty Devices Global, Natural Personal Care Global, Professional Skin Care Global, Salon Hair Care Global, and Professional Nail Care Global. We also expanded our portfolio to cover the fast growing channel of boutique beauty retailers in four dynamic markets, as well as one of the most talked about trends in the United States—Korean beauty. We also introduced our legendary Cosmetics & Toiletries USA in a new and interactive format to enhance your experience while browsing this insightful study, which is often called the “industry bible” by industry professionals.Continue reading

Free Webinar: Behind the Remarkable Success of Freestanding Beauty Stores

Free Webinar: Behind the Remarkable Success of Freestanding Beauty Stores

Decoding the channel in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The boutique retailer channel is one of the fastest growing channels in the beauty industry, being a hotbed for various brands that are looking to create a more personalized and unique shopping experience. Many of the players here, such as Lush, Kiko, and Rituals, are seeing double-digit increases each year, which is far ahead of the beauty industry’s average.Continue reading

Makeup Trends

Indies and Unique Experiences Trend Big in 2016

Earlier this month, we attended the sixth anniversary of the MakeUp in NewYork show, an event that brings together professionals involved in the booming and ever-changing makeup sector. Combining an extensive exhibitor display and insightful conference program, with nearly 3,000 people attending over two days, the event didn’t disappoint. In case you missed it, here are some of the hot topics addressed at the event.Continue reading

Kline’s Karen Doskow and Dana Kruetzer at Indie Beauty Expo

Finding the Next Billion Dollar Buyout at the Indie Beauty Expo

More than 130 independent brands from around the globe, each with their unique concept and story, took over New York City’s Metropolitan Pavilion last week for this year’s Indie Beauty Expo (IBE). The event showcased the latest trends and new brands that are waiting to be discovered and hoping to follow in the footsteps of IT Cosmetics, GlamGlow, and NYX.

Natural beauty was certainly the theme at IBE, with more than 100 brands marked as green, clean, or both. Besides the obvious nature-inspired aesthetic, skin care products galore, and fascinated shoppers, here are a few brands that we thought were noteworthy:Continue reading

U.S. Cosmetics and Toiletries Market

What’s Ahead in the U.S. Cosmetics and Toiletries Market?

Naturally positioned products, male grooming, indie brands, beauty apps, and the power of social media were some of the most talked-about trends in the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market in 2015. Posting solid gains for the sixth year in row, the market is poised to continue on this upward path in 2016. We will reveal these trends and assess their impact on the market landscape.

As we start our research for the next edition of our annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, our beauty expert Naira Aslanian shares a few insights about the market and this highly detailed report.Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA Webinar

Free Webinar: Cosmetics and Toiletries Market Trends that Engage Consumers

The U.S. beauty industry is driven by technological advancements that allow personalized beauty solutions on various levels. High double- to triple-digit growth is seen among brands that manage to capitalize on personalized approaches. The robust market growth of 3.8% is driven by solid performances of all product classes, but some stand out more than others!

During this live webinar, Naira Aslanian, the report’s project manager, will reveal some important findings from our just published Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report. The session will take place on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 9:00 AM EDT | 15:00 PM CET.Continue reading