in-cosmetics 2015

Personal Care Ingredients Mix to Delight Consumers’ Senses at this Year’s in-cosmetics

The world’s leading personal care ingredients tradeshow, in-cosmetics, held this year in sunny Barcelona, has once again brought together an immense

number of ingredient suppliers and marketing specialists to showcase the novelties offered by their businesses.

While some novel ingredients were introduced at the show, this year is rather signified by new end product concepts and formulations with the existing ingredients. Textures, softness, smoothness, comfort, and consumer needs were touted by many marketers and the word “sensory” permeated a variety of marketing campaigns.Continue reading

Multi Consumer

Plain vanilla? No way, José! This market’s one with the lot!

– Kline Announces a Report Addressing Multicultural Beauty Product Needs and Expectations.

With the 4th of July still fresh in our minds, it’s an opportune time to reflect upon the cultural diversity and neophilia that makes the United States as vibrant as it is. Demographically, African-American, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, and other people of color already number over one-third of the U.S. population—and their spending power is rising fast. For example, the Asian population, the group with the highest annual household spending in the United States, has seen over 43% growth since 2000. These all are viable markets with distinctive requirements and expectations.Continue reading

Different Preferences for Personal Care Products Among Asian Americans

Different Preferences for Personal Care Products Among Asian Americans

As the Asian American community passes the average American population in spending power and becomes the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States it has gained the attention of the media and businesses as an attractive market segment.

The Asian community grew 43.3% from 2000 to 2010, to 14.7 million. This rate of growth is higher than Hispanics and all other groups.

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