Best of Beauty 2020

Taking a Look Back at the Best of Beauty 2020

The unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus outbreak has impacted how consumers shop for beauty and personal care products, and these shopping habits and product category preferences may become the new normal in 2021. Key macro trends prevalent in prior years have been amplified as the rise in stay-at-home orders shifted consumers’ values and desires throughout the year. Below is a sample of the most talkedabout trends we analyzed in 2020the ones we think will still be important in the coming year. Continue reading

Natural Personal Care

Six Key Things to Know about the Natural Personal Care Market

We have seen the natural and organic personal care market shift from a niche industry to a force of power over time, with naturals still gaining ground. As we continue to explore this market for the next edition of our Natural Personal Care Global Series report, early findings reveal another green year backed by an increasing shift of awareness from consumers towards choosing more natural products. The natural personal care market outpaces the growth of the cosmetics and toiletries market in the United States, with an estimated 9% growth in 2016 compared to the about 4% in general market in 2015. What’s behind this robust growth?Continue reading

VIVANESS 2015: More Natural Every Year

VIVANESS 2015: More Natural Every Year

With the growth of the natural and organic cosmetics segment in Germany accounting for 14% in 2014, the German Nurnberg Messe is the perfect setting for such an event as VIVANESS – International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care. Over 200 natural personal care companies presented their products at the fair, and we were invited to present in the educational session Consumer Insights – worldwide; How Natural and Organic cosmetic gains ground. While there, we also picked up a few highlights and product trends from the show.Continue reading