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The ABCs of Marketing Professional Skin Care Products

In today’s tumultuous economy it has become increasingly difficult for marketers of higher-priced professional skin care products to compete with general market/retail brands. Marketers can enhance their sales through taking the following steps:

1. Innovation is key. Take a look at Skinceuticals’ Retexturing Activator launched last year. This truly unique product exfoliates and hydrates skin— dual benefits which are not typically found in other products.

2; Address primary and secondary skin care conditions. These conditions can change frequently based on the life stage of the consumer. While, anti-aging products continue to be a critical portion of today’s market, baby boomers and younger consumers may also need products that address other conditions such as rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation.

3. Consider the benefits of going green. While efficacy is still the number one priority with professional skin care products, some marketers are evaluating the ability to become more natural and maintain their high product standards. Facial treatments that were natural in natural inspired or truly natural performed very well in our rocky economy in 2009.

4. Tweet, YouTube, Facebook and Friend. Social media has become a basic to the marketing mix for all skin care products, regardless of price!  However, with the hefty price tags commanded by professional skin care products, it is important for marketers to reach out directly to the customers to make their brands more user-friendly.

5. Accounts matter most!  It is important to motivate accounts to re-stock your brand. Or to expand the number of products they carry of your brand. This can be achieved through a variety of tools including special promotions, sampling, on-site training, and offering educational materials.

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