The Beauty of Skin

The Beauty of Skin…Naturally: A Postcard from VIVANESS 2014

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the organic cosmetics industry trade show VIVANESS. Each year, the show’s host city Nuremberg welcomes natural beauty lovers, who can also satisfy their taste buds with the sampling of natural food novelties displayed at the sister show, BIOFACH.

The 2014 VIVANESS show surprised visitors with a myriad of novelties and trends, which are set to hit shelves this spring.

Pomegranate is not losing its popularity as a key ingredient of skin care products targeting skin rejuvenation and anti-aging favored by marketers, such as Nonique, Moosmed, and Logocos. At the same time, the classic ingredient of our grandmothers’ beauty remedies – aloe vera – is making a definitive comeback in 2014. Skin sensitivity is becoming a huge concern for today’s consumers whose skin gets abused by exposure to stress, environmental damage, and even poor diets. Marketers such as Aubrey, Alteya Organics, and Martina Gebhardt have introduced several new products with aloe vera as the agent for sensitive skin. For the prestige company Santaverde, aloe vera has been the fundamental ingredient of their entire line of skin care products and has been used as the product base instead of water for over 20 years.

While skin care products dominated the VIVANESS floor, natural makeup is set to drive trends this spring. Several marketers introduced new spring color collections or re-designed their existing makeup lines to ignite consumers’ interest in natural makeup. Soft shades of green, blue, gray, orange, yellow, and pink synchronize with the hopeful breeze of spring, which will soon be knocking on our doors. Are we ready to face the Sweet Freedom (Sante), Chorus (Dr. Hauschka), or Colourful Garden of Beauty (Lavera)?

For the marketer STYX, natural beauty can be equated with art. Hopefully consumers can embrace the same frame of mind when putting on their makeup—naturally—this spring and beyond.


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